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Medanta Echo n Cardiology

As April 2016 looms on the horizon, we look forward to welcome you yet again for the 5th season of “Medanta Echo n Cardiology: Today and tomorrow”. This unique meeting of minds has been appreciated in the past as the melting point of the best of imaging and clinical Cardiology in a serene setting where learning, exchange of ideas and glimpses of the future blend with the state-of-the-art. I invite you to be a part of this journey yet again. As this meeting is theme based, this year’s theme is “Made in India” with focus on pathologies and their solutions that are unique to our populations. Discussions and interaction will predominantly focus on cardiovascular disease states that pose threat to the nation and have the potential to snatch or maim men and women in their prime. Hence the theme, “Made in India”.

Highlights of the Meeting
  1. Made in India: Our challenges and our solutions
    • CAD in the young: peculiar to us?
    • Clustering of risk factors in young Indians: Implications for CVD epidemic
    • Essential hypertension in younger Indians: no age is immune to it!
    • Vascular ageing: can it be predicted?
    • Have we dropped guard on rheumatic heart disease?
    • Economic burden of CVD in India: a double whammy!
    • Newer diagnostics: lessons learnt from research in India
    • Newer therapeutics: ‘made in India’
  2. Always relevant
    • Images speak louder than words: cases with a message
    • Echocardiography in clinical practice: Traps and Tips
    • Complex Echo techniques simply put in a clinical perspective
    • Listen to the experts: How would I manage this?
    • Challenging clinical cases from real-life clinical practice.
    • Consensus panels on common clinical conditions: Finding way through myriad guidelines
    • Frequently overlooked clinical entities in cardiac patients
    • Let’s revive the scientist within us (A session on ‘all about’ in medical research)
    • Presidents’ speak!
    • KBC: Kaun Banega Cardiologist? An edge of the seats echo-cardio quiz with a prize.
  3. Special symposia: on the World stage
    • Acute myocardial infarction: from detection to intervention.
    • Atrial fibrillation: confusion galore!
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Ms Archana Mirgan: +91 9971698197, Ms Sarlla Shakya: + 91 8800494247

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